A qualified osteopath and martial arts master, Ringo studied at the Manipur Ayurvedic Sammelan and the Shihan Hiho Martial Arts Academy under the instruction of BBRC President Kumarjit Singh.

Ringo’s professional skills and experience encompass both indigenous, holistic healthcare systems and current physical therapy techniques. He has a special interest in sports science and the development of traditional therapeutic programmes and rehabilitation procedures for professional sports people.

Ringo has developed a unique system of osteopathy that focuses on the realignment of individual joints in the spine and body through physical manipulation and subsequent exercise regimes. These techniques combine bone, tendon and muscle work to return the body to its natural alignment and increase strength and stability.

Ringo has been developing these techniques for over a decade, during which time he has studied modern, traditional and indigenous bone and body treatments at clinics and temples throughout Asia. A founder and board member of the Bone and Body Clinic, Ringo divides his time between Manipur, ‘mainland’ India, and Europe, where he operates seasonal clinics and consultancies.


Miranda is from London, UK. Before establishing the Bone and Body Clinic with her husband, Ringo, she worked for over 18 years in event management and fundraising, specialising in the Middle East and Africa.

Miranda sustained a head trauma during an accident in India over eight years ago. After six days of facial paralysis, she received emergency treatment from Ringo. Once the initial treatment was completed she was treated for multiple spine and hip injuries. Miranda then decided to dedicate her life to help further develop this treatment system and to making it more available to others.

Miranda has retrained in the essential rehabilitation-stretching programme developed by Ringo and other masters from the Shihan Martial Arts Academy. She has also studied numerous exercise systems throughout her life, including yoga, Callanetics, aerobics, weight training and personal training. She previously studied plant science.

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