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263 Ponsulem Village, Canacona, 403702, Goa, India

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Vidya Ashram, Dharamkot,176219, HP India

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Bone and Body Research Centre
Manipur, India


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Our Canacona clinic is situated just outside the small but thriving town of Chaudi, which itself is less than 2km from the popular but still relatively unspoilt beaches of Palolem and Patnem.

Canacona is easily accessible to visitors coming from Dabolim, Goa’s international airport at Vasco de Gama, and is connected by road and bus with Margao (to the north) and Karwar (to the south). Canacona is also on the Konkan Railway route.

Palolem is rightly regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Goa. A natural bay surrounded by high headlands on either side has created a calm, idyllic setting frequented by a cosmopolitan mix of tourists, travellers, locals and expats.

Patnem is the even more laid-back alternative to Palolem. Less developed than its neighbouring beach, there are nevertheless more than enough restaurants and accommodation options to cater to the needs of most visitors.

The clinic has a juice bar, restaurant, beautiful gardens and a well-equipped stretch hall. We also have a limited number of rooms available for those requiring in-patient care.

The next season for the Goa Clinic is 12th October, 2020 - 28th May, 2021





The clinic has moved to a beautiful new location - Vidya Ashram off Gallu Temple Road on the way to the Triund Trek. It is less than 1 km beyond the Himalayan Tea Shop and Tushita Meditation Centre in Dharamkot. The location is accessible by car and tuk tuk and is a beautiful short walk from Dharamkot, which has an elevation of about 2000m. It has stunning views of the surrounding forest, mountains and Kangra valley.

McLeod Ganj is a 20-minute walk away from the clinic and is also known as “Little Lhasa” or “Dhasa” (a short form of Dharamsala used mainly by Tibetans). It is the official residence of the Dalai Lama and the headquarters of the Tibetan Government in exile. Tourism is an important industry in McLeod Ganj, and many people come here to study Tibetan Buddhism and culture.

Dharamkot is approximately eight hours drive from Delhi. The nearest airport is Gaggal Airport, 15km from Dharamsala. The nearest railway stations on the narrow-gauge line are at Kangra and Nagrota (about 20km south of Dharamsala). The nearest broad guage railhead is at Pathankot (85km away).

This flourishing hill station offers a wide variety of accommodation and eateries as well as temples, monasteries and other ancient structures. In keeping with the influence of Tibetan teachings and traditions in this region of India, Dharamkot boasts the Vipassana Meditation Centre, the Dhamma Shikara and the Tushita Meditation Centre – for the study and practice of Buddhism.

The Dharamsala clinic has been postponed due to the Covid 19 restrictions. As soon as the situation changes, an update will be posted.


We believe the next stage of our development requires us to return to our roots, to Manipur, the place where the techniques we use were developed. We have purchased land and are building a year-round health and wellbeing centre in Manipur. This will allow us close access to the Manipuri masters, enabling us to further develop and expand our techniques in musculoskeletal realignment. We will be able to treat more serious conditions, learn techniques we have not yet begun to use, and expand our use of indigenous, plant-based medicines.

We will also train the next generation of practitioners who wish to learn the Manipuri techniques and traditional health system, so they can in turn help more people benefit from this knowledge.

The centre will be amid the rich medicinal flora of Manipur where we will grow our own medicines and organic food to further enhance treatment for our clients – the residents of Manipur as well as foreign visitors.

The Bone and Body Clinic is part of the Bone and Body Research Centre, a transdisciplinary, integrated health and wellbeing organisation already based in Manipur. The centre was established to creatively advance the health, conservation, and sustainability of Manipur and to both protect the invaluable knowledge and traditions of Manipur as well as to enable the world to benefit from and have access to this closely guarded system.