The Bone and Body Team

Ringo Paonam

Ringo is from Manipur the furthest North Eastern State of India. Manipur is situated at the end of the Himalayas and is an "Ayurvedic Medicine Hotspot". He is from a long line of traditional men and women of medicine and his interest in the body and natural techniques started from a young age. He is a qualified Osteopath from Manipur Ayurvedic Sammelan and is also a Martial Arts Master from the Shihan Martial Arts Academy. Ringo developed a unique technique of Osteopathy in which the individual joints in the spine and body are re-aligned. This is a system which combines bone, tendon and muscle work to make the body stable. Ringo started developing this technique more than a decade ago, visiting and studying traditional and indigenous bone and body treatment in temples throughout Asia. In addition, Ringo and his wife Miranda are board members of the Bone and Body Research Centre.

Miranda Graham

Miranda is from London, UK. She has been working in the Event Management and Fundraising Industry specialising in the Middle East and Africa for over eighteen years. Miranda sustained head trauma during an accident in India. After six days of facial paralysis she received emergency treatment from Ringo. Once the initial treatment was completed she received treatment for multiple spine and hip injuries. Miranda then decided to dedicate her life to helping, further developing and making this critical system more available to others. Miranda has retrained in the essential rehabilitation stretching programme from Ringo and other Masters from the Shihan Martial Arts Academy. Miranda has studied numerous exercise systems throughout her life, including yoga, Callanetics, aerobics, weight training and personal training and previously studied plant science. Miranda is Vice President of the Bone and Body Research Centre.

Vaidya Pukhrambam Kumajit Singh

Pukhrambam Kumarjit Singh hails from a long line of Vaidyas (doctors) and has been practising both Ayurveda, the Indian system of traditional medicine, and Maibarol, the more specialised indigenous system of traditional Manipuri medicine, for over 30 years. As the son of another renowned Vaidya, (L) Pukhrambam Mera Singh, Vaidya Kumajit was from a very young age exposed to both the use and manufacture of medicines and remedies derived from these systems. He studied at the Research Institute of Indian Medicine, Barot. And in 1977 he graduated from Manipur Ayurved Tirtha and Maibarol Mahavidyalaya with a diploma in Ayurved Tirtha and a degree in traditional medicine (D.A.T.M). He is the founder of the Manipur Ayurvedic Sammelan, concerned with the manufacture and use of special drugs and remedies. This is the first organisation of its kind in Manipur and only the fourth in the entire north east of India (regd. No.4 of 1959-60 Shillong, Assam). He is also President of Manipur Ayurvedic Mahavidyalaya and Manipur Ayurved Tirtha and Maibarol Mahavidyalaya and a member of Ayurved Vikas Yojna (U.P.), India. Vaidya Kumajit is the founder and President of the Bone and Body Research Centre, Manipur (India) and Grand Master Shihan of the Shihan Hiho Martial Arts Academy.


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