Partial Paralysis

Partial paralysis is characterised by some loss of movement or sensation in affected muscles or muscle groups. For example, the patient can often move one limb more than another, they may have more function on one side than the other, or they might have some sensation in parts of the body that can’t be moved. Partial Paralysis may be caused by accident or trauma, stroke, illness or disease. Treatment is designed to return as much function as possible to the patient, while also helping him/her to learn to cope more effectively with any long-term disability.

Finn, former Gardener, Sweden
57 years old

Condition: Partial Paralysis affecting upper and lower body

Finn suffered partial paralysis caused by an accident six years before.  Immediately after the accident he underwent surgery in which metal was placed in the upper thoracic and cervical spine. It will not therefore be possible for Finn to make a complete recovery as nature has been changed. Finn suffered from a very prolonged period of pain and discomfort. Due to this prolonged period of immobility he also suffered from poor digestion and stomach complaints.

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Will, former Restaurateur, USA
57 years old

Condition: Partial paralysis – lower body

Will suffers from Scoliosis in an S shaped curve. A tumour was then discovered in his lower thoracic spine, which was subsequently removed. After a period of rehabilitation Will began doing yoga again and unfortunately fractured his lower Thoracic spine. Over the past 15 years Will has courageously fought to keep walking and moving. As a result, he has further deformed his hip positioning; and while he has built some extremely strong muscles, others have completely degenerated.

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