Other Related Issues

When treating musculoskeletal conditions sometimes other conditions and symptoms are manifesting in the body. For example in thoracic (upper spine) injuries the patient may be experiencing shallow breathing or shortness of breath. With injuries to the lumbar spine related conditions may include irregular or painful menstruation in woman and a range of digestive disorders. Other related conditions could include autoimmune disease, depression and loss of concentration, liver and kidney function and so on.

Delphine, Volunteer, France
26 years old

Condition: Digestive disorders and spinal issues.

Delphine had suffered from digestive disorders for many years. She had been diagnosed with cancer and had undergone surgery and chemotherapy. Her spinal issues were causing constant pain and discomfort as had her ongoing digestive issues.

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Dave, Therapist, USA
69 years old

Condition: Digestive Disorder

Dave had suffered from a digestive disorder for many years.

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Nicky, Actress, UK
44 years old

Condition: Hiatus Hernia and spondylolisthesis of the lumbar spine.

Nicky came to the clinic as an emergency as she had been practicing her normal yoga routine when something went wrong. She was unable to move and stand up properly. She was suffering from spondylolisthesis (forward movement) of the lower lumbar vertebrae. After treatment for her spine was completed she actually remained at the clinic for the treatment of her hiatus hernia.

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Annabelle, Government worker, Tasmania
26 years old

Condition: Neck and back pain, digestive disorder and shortness of breath.

Annabelle had a childhood accident when she fell head first into an agricultural shoot. Since then she always suffered intensive neck pain. She felt like she could never breathe deeply and was always short of breath. Annabelle was suffering from spinal compression throughout the thoracic spine. This had led to extreme digestive blockages.

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Nina, Shoe maker, Sweden
54 years old

Condition: Back pain and digestive disorder.

Nina had suffered for many years with back pain. She found it difficult to digest food and suffered from bloating and pain after eating.

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Bettina, Hotel worker, Austrian
37 years old

Condition:Back pain and digestive disorder.

After falling as a child, Bettina suffered from misalignment in two of her lumbar vertebrae. Throughout her adult life she has suffered poor digestion. Recently she has also started to have chest pain and finds it difficult to breathe.

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Goldie, Exercise teacher, Canadan
55 years old

Condition: Lung infection.

Goldie suffered from a lung infection whilst studying at an Ashram in India. She had been treated through allopathic medicine but this had not improved the situation. She had been suffering for four weeks.

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