Disc disorders such as herniation and degenerative disc disease can cause severe neck pain, chronic lower back pain, sciatica, numbness and tingling in the arms and shoulders and muscle weakness in the legs.

Spinal injury may cause weakness and loss of feeling at and below the injury and can cause problems such as: increased muscle contraction (spasticity), loss of normal bowel and bladder control (including constipation, incontinence and bladder spasms), numbness, sensory changes, pain or weakness.


Herniated discs


Spinal trauma




Spinal trauma


Herniated discs


Herniated discs



Jyoti came to the clinic suffering with both lower and upper spine pain. It had become unmanageable. Jyoti attended the clinic over 2 seasons.

My time at the Bone and Body Clinic was deeply transformative. I experienced the only actual substantial and long-lasting relief I’ve ever known for the chronic neck and back pain I’ve had over half my life. Ringo was able to make an instant assessment of my condition based on an initial appointment and a mode of treatment was prescribed. His adjustments are truly mind-blowing; his expertise is unparalleled. Miranda’s no-nonsense approach to leading the exercises classes is EXACTLY the kind of disciplined ‘Come on, we’re DOING this!’ energy that we all needed to feel encouraged to do our part in creating the significant changes in our bodies that we desire. I want to take all my loved ones suffering from acute physical pain there! So infinitely grateful for this healing in my life.

Jinsu, 31, South Korea

Spinal Trauma

Jinsu came to the clinic suffering from upper and lower back pain. He completed 6 weeks of treatment.



Werner had been in two serious car accidents. The second one had left him with a concussion for 4 years. He had been offered no solution to his problem and was unable to work and function properly due to constant headaches and lack of sleep. Werner attended the clinic for 3 seasons.

For four years I was unable to obtain any helpful treatment in the United States for my concussion. The doctors told me I would have to learn to live with my debilitating symptoms, which included constant horrible headaches, an inability to focus (e.g. no reading) and socialise, poor sleep quality and low energy.

After two months at the clinic my headaches were reduced and I began reading again. After five months my head hurt noticeably less, I was able to focus for much longer periods, socialise in groups and clarity of thought was returning.

After seven months, I began waking up in the morning feeling refreshed. I was able to start working again, which had seemed a distant dream at the beginning. By the end of the tenth month the quality of my work was excellent, my headaches were virtually gone and I was upbeat about life again. Going home, the twenty-four hour trip, which had been a torture when traveling to the clinic, did not faze me.

I am thrilled to be able to rejoin life. I look forward to the opportunities that now are available to me. And the kicker is that, though there were some difficult moments, the clinic was a very enjoyable experience. I got to meet people from all over the world, experience a new culture and Miranda and Ringo are welcomingly warm, compassionate and nurturing.



After a serious fall when he was a small boy, Frederic was in a coma for one week. After that he became completely deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other. Throughout his life Frederic has experienced many health problems, culminating in heart surgery four years ago. This compounded the problems in his body as post-surgery his ribs were replaced in an incorrect position. Since then, he had been unable to find any comfort due to severe and prolonged pain. His whole body had started to twist and he was experiencing double vision. Frederic’s treatment was for eight weeks.


I had so many problems in my body and I could never imagine that it was possible for me to feel no pain and begin to enjoy life again. After the operation on my heart, things got even worse with my whole body feeling like it was twisting. Ringo worked on my body like a magician: as he did the final untwisting of my body I felt something I had never experienced before, like I was being released and my whole body became light. Immediately afterwards, my double vision was gone. I do not know what to say – ‘thank you’ does not seem enough. I am completely humbled by this experience. I will never forget what you have done for me.


Herniated discs

Christian was suffering with sciatic pain. He had herniated the disc between L5 and S1. His pain was shooting down the right leg. Christian’s treatment was completed in three weeks.


I heard about the clinic from a friend and changed my flight to undertake the treatment. It was the best decision I ever made. At first, I was very enthusiastic; then certain pain persisted and I was skeptical. Finally, the pain has gone, my back feels stable and different – things do really change here! Thank you!! Much love and joy in your important work.


Herniated discs

While undertaking a 300-hour yoga teacher-training course, Anna herniated a disc in her lumbar spine. She was unable to continue her course. Anna’s treatment period was 3 weeks.


I am so deeply grateful to all the team at the Bone and Body Clinic. To Ringo, thank you for the patience, care and attention given to my personalised needs. I thoroughly enjoyed my alignment experiences and leave today feeling energised, rejuvenated and ‘prettier’ – thanks to those jaw alignments! Your hands truly are a gift! To Miranda, you lead a great team and bring out the best in your staff. Thank you for your understanding and for all the laughs… stretch classes were always lots of fun. All the best.