Articulations (or joints) form the connections between bones. Damage to the joints from diseases such as arthritis or injury can both impede mobility and cause severe pain. Knees, shoulders and hips are some of the most commonly affected articulations, but joint pain can affect any part of the body. Treatment focuses on reducing pain and inflammation and preserving and/or improving joint function.


Hip subluxation








Achilles tendon



Dwabha, 64, USA

Hip subluxation

For 4 years Dwabha had been unable to walk properly or drive a car. She runs an orphanage in north India and was worried that she would be unable to continue her work as she was becoming more and more immobile. Dwabha has attended the clinic over 3 seasons.

Emily, 35, Australia

Torn supraspinatus tendon

Emily injured her shoulder at work. She was told in Australia that her only option was surgery. The pain was so bad that she was unable to work but she desperately wanted to avoid an operation. Emily attended the clinic initially for a 6-week period and returned a year later for 2 weeks.

Sue, 63, UK

Chronic Degenerated Ankle

Sue returned for a second time to the Goa clinic this season. She came as she was unable to walk due to her ankle degeneration caused by fracturing the ankle two times. She had been told that she needed to have the ankle replaced and that nothing else could be done to improve her situation. Her lower back was in constant pain due to the compensated position she had adopted due to her ankle injury.


Torn lateral meniscus

Matt tore his lateral meniscus in 2004. He did not undergo surgery. He came to the clinic in 2016 because continuous knee discomfort and body tightness was hindering his performance in both sporting and day-to-day activities. Matt undertook a six-week period of treatment.


Thank you so much for the incredible care. Truly, every aspect of my treatment has been wonderful, beneficial, well-organised and professional. You run the most professional ‘shop’ (by that I mean institution, business, healthcare provider) I have ever experienced in India. The consideration and passion you both possess are unparalleled; your expertise and knowledge unmatched. In 12 years, no healthcare practitioner (anywhere in the world) had given me a clear answer regarding my continuous knee pain. But in two minutes I finally received a precise diagnosis, thanks to Ringo. Miranda you have been like a mom in India, with the added benefit of helping heal me. To everyone else, you are all amazing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Knee pain and body stiffness

José had Achilles tendon elongation surgery 21 years previously. As a result of this, he suffered a series of problems including a torn meniscus, hip tightness and recurring pain. José’s treatment period was ten weeks.


I have nothing but gratitude and respect for Ringo, Miranda and their team. In 10 years of Iyengar [yoga] practice, I have not been able to open my hips and strengthen my knees as much as I did after 10 weeks with these guys. I feel blessed and lots of gratitude. It’s hard to believe there are places like this in the world. I totally recommend it. Love you guys and may God bless you always.

VARY, 67, UK

Knee pain

Vary had been suffering for years with acute knee pain. The pain had been getting worse and she had stopped playing sports and doing many activities as a result. Vary’s treatment period was six weeks.


What a privilege to have attended the Bone and Body Clinic. My thanks and adoration goes out to all of the team. The setup is amazing, as is all the attention to detail in the overall organisation. The treatments and exercise classes do the trick. I’m well on my way to becoming a new woman at the age of 67! Thank you for looking after me when it was tough going and for the intuitiveness of Ringo, Momo and Thoibi’s treatment. How very special you all are. To Miranda, you are incredible! Love the enthusiasm of those exercise classes and how you always make time for us – a special thanks.